I am a Louisiana born artist, Shreveport resident, wife to a handsome picker and mother of Hudson, the cutest baby ever born. I taught theatre for 17 years, traveled with the circus and Hello Kitty, saw lots of fabulous sites, and now I’ve gone back to my “roots” – the South and my art.

I am addicted to pop culture, fashion and COLOR. I mix iconic figures of the past and present with fashions and fabrics of now, painting what I see from some of the most famous designers runway shows. Gorgeous textiles and “girlie” flowers are combined with edgy pop stars and icons to create true conversation focal points.

I love to use acrylics and certain mediums on LARGE canvases to create one of a kind pieces. My site is set up currently as my own little “art gallery” but you can visit me on Facebook and Instagram to see whats happening on the daily!

Thanks for visiting and loving art as much as I do!